Aug 31, 2017 ♦ SR17 Stowaways - The Rocking Dead Setlist, a playlist by ask4entertainment on Spotify
You can now relive the full setlist from our Rocking Dead tribute show onboard #ShipRocked 2017! #crankthisshipclick here
The Stowaways
Aug 29, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
To all of our Stowaways and Shiprocked brothers and sisters in South Texas. We see you posting and standing strong. Make sure you reach out and check on the rest of the family that may not be doing as well. There's no family like the Shiprocked family! #shiprockedstrong
The Stowaways
Aug 14, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
Any song suggestions for us this year? We are working on set lists. Who knows? Maybe your idea will end up in the set! Go!
Aug 10, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
So many new Stowaways added that haven't been announced yet! We've also got set 1 just about hammered out. We may have to wear life jackets because I think we are going to burn this effin boat down! Get ready!
Aug 08, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
Happy Birthday to resident Stowaway, Mr. Joey Duenas! Show the boy, well he's 62 today, so show the man some love!
Jun 16, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
Sorry for the delay in posting this people! NASA won't let us access the internet here at the Astronaut Training Facility while testing. Today was the day we were really concerned about. Psychological Evaluations.... Um Yeah... Anyway, we'll be able to announce who made the cut for the Shiprocked Cruise once the powers that be go through our test results. We're a little concerned about Bumblefoot. Some of his answers were kind of strange because he answered every question in the Hungarian Minor Scale. Then, every ink-blot he looked at just looked like different chords on the guitar except for one that oddly looked like Paul Stanley doing the Carlton dance. Anyway, I think they're monitoring my transmission, so I better go. I have some sweet ass freeze-dried astronaut ice cream to crunch on before we watch Lost In Space. Stay tuned... Stowaways out.
Jun 16, 2017 ♦ We're putting the band back together!
The Stowaways
Jun 09, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
Our secret? Our chief weapons are surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to Led Zeppelin.
Apr 14, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways
It's been six years since Peter Steele of Type O Negative left us. We were privileged to have Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly with us last January to honor the man and the legend. Thanks also to Johannes Eckerström of Avatar and Matt DiRito of Pop Evil for being part of an epic night. Peter's spirit lives on. #thestowaways
The Stowaways
Mar 25, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
Yo. Go support one of The Stowaways! Jonny boy is doing big things in the kitchen.

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Jan 28, 2017 ♦ The Stowaways News
Just so you know... We're having just as good of a time as you are rocking out to the shows!